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Beijing Milkyway Mate Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Milkyway Mate Technology Co., Ltd was established in July 2012. The business scope mainly includes: production and sales of food additives, technical consulting, import and export of goods. 

The sterile lactase, added on the production line and used in dairy products of low-content lactose at room-temperature, has been dependent on imports for many years in China. In order to meet the growing domestic demand and to provide more convenient service, Beijing Milkyway Mate Technology Co., Ltd established in 2012, produces sterile additives by microfiltration physical sterilization process.  The lactoferrin compound additive can be applied to products with long shelf life to retain the natural active function of lactoferrin. 

At present, the daily producing capacity of the production line equipment is 3~5 tons. The production adopts the sterilization and filtration at normal temperature. After filtration, the product after finishing the test of the integrity of sterilization membrane can be called sterile product. The ingredients suitable for microfiltration sterilization process includes: the ones with biological activity, what cannot be sterilized by heat treatment or the ones with loss due to heat treatment, such as lactase, rennet, grape seed extract, vitamin, natural extract, essence, and pigment etc. 

The company can also customize the products according to customer needs for different ingredients. 

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